Meeting Minutes

Coaches Meeting Minutes April 11, 2016

Start Time: 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Alan DeMartino (Wingmen), Rob Rannin (Secretary/Platinum), Chris Ramos (Cruisers), Dan Fine (Double Shots), John Richard (Zombies), Patrick McGee (Morning Wood), Neal Degala (Morning Wood), Edwin Rivera (Rated R), Lori Chandronnet (Town Hall Lanes), John Zajicek (Platinum), Lori Pawlitschek (Misfits), Allison Letandre (Wildcats), Ike Covin (Beez), Phil Lagoy (Commissioner/Zombies), Jim Gilligan (Player Liaison/Zombies)

Topic #1: Fields:

On April 12, the RCSL will go before the Pawtucket Parks Department to try to get all three fields at Hank Soar starting at 9AM on Sundays. The remainder of the schedule should be out and posted on the website by Wednesday. On July 17th we will not be playing due to a long running tournament at Soar, so the board decided to make that a week of. The season will consist of 14 weeks (28 games.)

Topic #2: Practices:

As we are still finalizing our permits for Hank Soar, the board asks that teams relocate any currently scheduled practices to other fields for the time being. Please do not hold practices at Hank Soars until the Commissioner gives consent to do so.

Topic #3: Ratings:

If a coach has a question about another player's rating from another team, please contact a board member. If you feel the rating is incorrect, please download the form on the website for ratings challenges, properly fill it out, and submit it to the Player Liaison (Jim Gilligan.) Please do not approach the player or that player's coach and tell them they do not belong in the division.

Topic #4 Dugouts:

Anyone in a dugout during a game must be listed on that team's roster as a player or non-player. All players and non-players, with the exception of the on-deck batter, must remain in the dugout until each play is dead/over. Also, umpires will be asked to enforce a ban on players standing behind the backstop during games.

Topic #5 Schedule:

The schedule will include two blank weekends at the end of the spring/summer season. These will be used for a format-to-be-determind playoff schedule. Once the board determines the playoff format, they will then determine how many teams, based on the playoffs will be awarded berths to the Ocean State Cup Classic.

Topic #6 Registration:

Players must be registered and paid online before they may take the field for a game.


How much is league sponsor fee?


Opening Day ceremonies?

Yes but not on the first weekend. They will take place on the second Sunday so the most possible teams will be around near their game time. Likely 11:00, Grill will be going.


If uniforms are not in, teams must wear like colored shirts with clearly visible number on the back of the shirt (marker, tape, etc.). Line-up cards should clearly list players' names and numbers.

Rob R. motions to adjourn. Jim G. seconds.

Meeting End Time: 7:20PM



Coaches Meeting February 21, 2016

Start Time: 1:08PM


Roll Call: Phil Lagoy (Commissioner/Zombies), John Morse (Assistant Commissioner/Strikers), Mario Grand (Treasurer/Platinum), Rob Rannin (Secretary/Platinum), Chris Ramos (Cruisers), Mark Cardarelli (Cruisers), Frank Andrade (Cruisers), Dave Squillace (RRC/Storm), Danny Vanasse (EgoManiacs), Willy Ocasio (EgoManiacs), Jeremy Gentry (RRC/Platinum), Lori Chandronnet (Strikers), Tim Slazinik (Rebels), Dan Fine (Double Shots), John Richard (Webmaster/Zombies)…

Topic #1: Gillette Fundraiser

-After a count of raised hands, it was decided that enough teams have committed to take part in the Gillette Stadium fundraiser for 2016. The board will contact Gillette and will get back to teams with the available slots.

Topic #2: 2016 Fees

- $65. For Spring/Summer

- $25. For Fall

-Leagueapps is now open for 2016. Coaches are asked to start inviting their players to register.

-Team (sponsor) fees will remain the same at $400.

Topic #3: NAGAAA Winter Meetings

-Hitting questions will be changing to a “to be announced" set of questions based on a modified on-base percentage which will count hits and errors as equal.

-Host cities are now required to notify NAGAAA of all protests at their tournaments. NAGAAA will be keeping a database of all player protests.

-If an RCSL team has a protest filed against them, they are to notify Phil (Commissioner) or Rob (Secretary/NAGAAA delegate) of any protests of their players (including picked-up players)

-NAGAAA spending $50,000 to update player database.

Topics #4: Player Ratings (John Morse)

-We will be streamlining the process. Any new players must show up to the new player clinic. The ratings board and coach will discuss what that player's rating should be. Two-three weeks later, that player will be reevaluated to make sure the original rating is accurate.

-Players who played in 2014 but not 2015, will be allowed to use their previous rating.

-If a player cannot make the clinic, the coach will rate the player. The player will be flagged for priority. If the players rating changes (upward) by more than one point, the team will forfeit all games played to date in which that player was a part of.

-Forfeit rule applies to clear sandbagging at clinic.

-Any ratings changes must go through the ratings committee.

Topic #5: Scorekeeping

-After games, each team's scores, as well as a screenshot of the scorebook must be sent via text to Phil.

-If a team fails to turn in scores or snapshots of book. They will forfeit their next game the following week.

Topic #6: GSWS 2016

-Austin, Texas
-Qualification requirements will be posted on our league website.

Topic #7: Eligible players on benches

-Anyone who is on team's bench/coaching that is not a player, must sign a waiver as a non-roster.

-Must wear a like-colored, numbered jersey to coach a base.

-No kids on field or in dugout during a game. This is a safety issue.

Topic #8: Website

-New website will have same address but will have a new format. There will be coaches and player log-ins for posting team related information specifically for your own team.

-Will have banner ads for all sponsors with links to their websites/Facebook pages.

-Teams will be able to announce scheduled practices.

-John Richard will be the new webmaster.

Topic #9: Playing in Multiple NAGAAA leagues

-Players can now play in multiple NAGAAA leagues. Those players must declare one and only league as their home league. This will be the only league they will be able to represent at the GSWS. When registering for the RCSL season, a player's waiver will have a required field to indicate the RCSL as that player's home league or not.

Topic #10: Pride

-League will be looking to have a booth at Pride, manned by RCSL players, in order to get the league out there even more to the gay community.

Topic #11: Tightening up of Rules

-Benches and bleachers are to be kept clean throughout the day. If a team's players or spectators drop litter, they are too pick it up before they leave.

-Like-colored jerseys with clearly marked numbers are required to play.

-Players and spectators are not permitted to stand behind the backstop to distract the pitcher.

Topic #12: Grill

-Removed from today's agenda.

Topic #13: OSCC

-Phil will be the tournament director this year. John Morse will be co-director if he chooses not to play.

-A budget will be put in place this year to assure that there are no wasted funds.

-The league will shop around for the best price on materials such as trophies, etc.

-A list of needs can be put together so players can search for vendors.

Topic #14: Playoffs

-Discussion about pros and cons about possible implementation of playoffs.

-John Morse makes motion to instruct board to set a playoff format. Dan Fine seconds.

Topic #15: Questions

-Ratings review committee will be open to adding more members.

-How many teams per division? Currently 7 in C; 10 in D

-Fields: League might be moving our games to Hank Soar fields in Pawtucket pending approval of permits. Three field complex. We have a deposit for East Providence as a back-up.

-Opening Day is April 17th

-Clinic dates pending.

-Opening Day Ceremonies TBD

-Board will be putting together a clinic on how to properly keep a book.

Dan Fine motion to adjourn. John Richard seconds.

End Time: 2:15PM


Executive Board Meeting February 18, 2016

Start Time: 7:13PM

Roll Call: Phil Lagoy (Commissioner), John Morse (Assistant Commissioner), Mario Grande (Treasurer), Rob Rannin (Secretary), Jim Gilligan (Player Liaison)

Topic #1: 2016 Fees

-Spring player fees will be set at $65.

-Fall ball player fees will be $25.

-Team (sponsor) fees will be $400.

Topic #2: NAGAAA Meetings Review

-Players will now be permitted to play in more than one NAGAAA association's league. However, those players may only be eligible to represent one of those leagues at the GSWS each year. When registering for a league, a player must declare at the start if that league is their “home league", in other words, the league they wish to be eligible to play for at the GSWS, or not. A player may only choose one “home league" per year.

-All ratings protests that take place at any NAGAAA association tournament must now be reported by that association to NAGAAA. NAGAAA will then compile that data to track any consistent player rating issues. Those players' ratings may then be flagged at the GSWS.

-NAGAAA members have instructed the board to create a new database to better track players and their ratings.

-Ratings questions for hitting and running will be changing to better assess a player's abilities. New hitting questions will be based on a modified on base percentage (hits and reaching base on an error will count towards OBS, walks will not) and will go into effect in 2016. Running questions will utilize a rubric breaking down several different running traits and will go into effect in 2017.

-The RCSL will now require teams to submit screenshots of their scoresheets for each game along with their scores at the end of the day so the Ratings Review Committee can compile the data.

Topic #4: Ratings Committee

-Prior to the 2016 Spring Season, the RCSL will be holding a clinic day for all new unrated players. The Ratings Review Committee and the coaches will work together to decide on a player's rating.

-If a new player cannot attend the clinic, their coach may rate them on their own. However, if at any point during the season that player's rating is challenged and increased by more than one point, any game that team played with that player in the game will be forfeited.

-Returning players who wish to have their ratings lowered/whose coach feels their rating should be lowered must be addressed with the board prior to the start of the season and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Topic #5: Eligible Players on the Field

-In order to be on the playing field (playing in the game, coaching a base, sitting on the bench, etc.) a person must be listed on a team's roster as either a player or a non-player (up to two non-players allowed per team; non-players cannot be changed week-to-week.)

-Non-players must sign waiver, however they do not need to pay a fee (they also do not have voting rights)

-All players and coaches must wear like colored shirts with clearly visible numbers on the back.

Topic #6: GSWS Eligibility

-The GSWS berth award criteria will remain the same as last year. This information will be posted on the website in the near future.

Topic #7: OSCC

-Phil and John will be the tournament co-directors for this year's Ocean State Cup Classic.

Topic #8: Hot Shots

-A new team will assume the jerseys worn by the Hot Shots last year.

Mario motions to adjourn. Rob seconds the motion.

End Time: 8:20PM