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Player Injury Insurance


Accident Medical Insurance

Underwritten by Markel Insurance Company (Markel) rated “A (Xll)" by A.M. Best's.

The Accident policy provides coverage for accidental injuries to Individually Registered

team members during covered softball activities. This covers Individually Registered

players, managers, coaches and scorekeepers for injuries incurred during games, practices,

tournaments and/or group travel as a team (directly to and from team activities). This is

EXCESS insurance and only comes into play after they have utilized their personal, group

medical insurance, or any health benefit plan, first. If they have no other applicable insurance,

this policy will pay on a primary basis.

Accident Policy Limits

$250,000 Accident Medical/Dental Expense limit

$5,000 Accidental Death/$10,000 Accidental Dismemberment benefit

$2,500 Physical Therapy/Chiropractic limit (subject to $100 max per visit)

$1,000 Durable Medical Equipment limit

$1,000 Rx limit

$500 Deductible per claim

Policy Limitations

Benefits, including surgical procedures, are paid on a usual and

customary basis. The policy only covers medical and dental bills which are incurred within

52 weeks of the date of injury. Medical services must begin within sixty days of accident.

There is a 90/10 coinsurance under this policy.

Please note: It is very important that a claimant follows their primary insurance carrier's

eligibility criteria (e.g., to be treated in-network, if required by HMO, etc.) in order for their

claim to be eligible for coverage under the ASA Accident plan.

Notable Exclusions under the Accident Plan

No benefits will be paid for a loss caused by or resulting in the following

1. Service or treatment rendered by a doctor or any other person employed or retained by the Policyholder;

2. Eyeglasses or contact lenses, hearing aids or the examination for the prescription or fitting thereof.

3. Hernia of any kind;

4. Injury covered by worker's compensation or similar legislation, or automobile no-fault law;

5. First aid rendered at the scene of the accident;

6. Any sickness or bodily illness;

7. Air travel, except on a commercial aircraft operating on a regularly scheduled passenger route; or

8. Injuries received as a consequence of the injured party's intoxication (alcohol or

drug related); as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred.

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