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April 30th Games
(Time Fld Home Team vs Away Team)
9A HS1 Misfits vs Cruisers
9A HS3 Elmwood Sports vs Platinum
10A HS1 Misfits vs EgoManiacs
10A HS3 Wingmen vs Platinum
11A HS1 Cruisers vs EgoManiacs
11A HS3 Wingmen vs Elmwood Sports
1P HS1 Strikers vs Rebels
1P HS2 Nat Disasters vs Rated R
1P HS3 Zombies vs Morn Wood
2P HS1 The Village vs Rebels
2P HS2 Rated R vs Zombies
2P HS3 Benchwarmers vs Nat Disasters
3P HS1 Strikers vs Bomb Squad
3P HS2 Morn Wood vs EP Beez
3P HS3 Benchwarmers vs Outlaws
4P HS1 Bomb Squad vs Warriors
4P HS2 Outlaws vs EP Beez
4P HS3 Renegades vs The Village
5P HS3 Warriors vs Renegades
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