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No Games Sept. 4th
Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!
Sept. 11th Games
9AM HS1 Misfits @ Wildcats
9AM HS2 Rebels @ Ego Maniacs
9AM HS3 Rated R @ Zombies
10AM HS1 Ego Maniacs @ Wildcats
10AM HS2 EP Beez @ Rated R
10AM HS3 Zombies @ Morning Wood
11AM HS1 Pride @ Misfits
11AM HS2 Warriors @ Rebels
11AM HS3 Morning Wood @ Platinum
12PM HS1 Strikers @ Cruisers
12PM HS2 Double Shots @ EP Beez
12PM HS3 Platinum @ Wingmen
1PM HS1 Eye Candy @ Strikers
1PM HS2 Warriors @ Pride
1PM HS3 Wingmen @ Double Shots
2PM HS1 Cruisers @ Eye Candy

NOTE: If shorthanded, Pickup Players are allowed
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