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Happy Holidays!
Wishing you and your families a safe and happy holiday season!
2016 RCSL Awards
Congratulations to our 2016 Award Winners!

C Division Spring/Summer
1st - Platinum
2nd - Zombies
3rd - EP Beez

MVP: Bobby D'Arezzo (Platinum)
Coach of the Year: John Zajicek (Platinum)

D Division Spring/Summer
1st - Morse Rebels
2nd - Double Shots
3rd - Ego Maniacs

MVP: Glen Barden (Wildcats)
Coach of the Year: Mark Cardarelli (Cruisers)

C Division Team MVP's
Platinum: Bobby D'Arezzo
Zombies: George Threats
EP Beez: Dan Callahan
Morning Wood: Ben DaPonte
Storm: David "Squish" Squillace
Outlaws: Nick Silva
Wingmen: Alan DiMartino
Rated R: Josh Galego

C Division Unsung Hero's
Platinum: Josh Taylor
Zombies: Roger Paquette
EP Beez: Chris Corrente
Morning Wood: Neal Degala
Storm: Corey Edwards
Outlaws: Ray McCabe
Wingmen: Chuck Moreau
Rated R: Justin Galego

D Division Team MVP's
Rebels: John Converse
Double Shots: Mike Deragon
Ego Maniacs: Willy Ocasio
Strikers: Frank Guiffrida
Cruisers: Mike Schmidt
Wildcats: Glen Barden
Misfits: Joshua DaSilva
Pride: Tanya Roberts

D Division Unsung Hero's
Rebels: Tom Goodale
Double Shots: Kelly Langie
Ego Maniacs: Anthony Disarro
Strikers: Stephanie Prest
Cruisers: Liz Grande
Wildcats: Alisha LaFrance
Misfits: Letisha Gorman
Pride: Kati Moyer

Hall of Fame Inductees:
Phil Lagoy
Dave Johnson
Dave McPhail
Lori "Cooper" Chandronnet
Chris Gaulin

Commissioner's Awards:
Neal Degala
Gloria Hartmann
Zackery Beck
John Richard
Lori "Cooper" Chandronnet
Jim Gilligan
Mario Grande
Rob Rannin Jr.


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